Water, fire, and roofing damages are not the only things that can cause trouble for residential and commercial buildings. Sometimes emergencies causes parts of the building to start anew; this requires rebuilding and reconstructing parts or all of your property. Syphard Construction has you covered, from:

  • Carpenters to secure the remaining structure and install tarps and covers to temporarily weatherproof anything exposed to the elements.
  • Estimators that document the damage through video and photos and provide an itemized estimate for repairs
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  • Technicians experienced in restoring and providing moisture detection, intrusion, and removal, dehumidification, removing mold, as well as decontamination and cleaning services
  • Tradesmen who are certified and are willing to work around the clock until your property looks like nothing ever happened

Obtain permits

with almost no delays

Our Construction Superintendents and Project Managers are experienced in talking with contractors, engineers, architects, and building officials to obtain materials and permits with almost no delays. The impact for project timelines are decisions made within hours or days following an emergency event and can significantly impact the deadline. With our expertise in project organization we can keep these timelines and costs minimal, which in turn increases customer satisfaction.

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