Drying Up After Water Damage

If you’ve ever fallen victim to a flood, natural disaster, or pipe malfunction that has left your house covered in water, you know that restoring the damage is no easy task. It is easy to believe that it is a simple job of drying everything, replacing furniture, and continuing as if nothing happened – but that is not the case. It is important to hire a professional water restoration service in order to ensure that the property is safe and sound.
There are always dangers that you can’t see, and professionals have access to equipment that can find the smallest amount of damage. Because of this, they can ward off many issues that could later arise, such as toxic mold or slouching walls.
The drying process can consist of many steps, depending on the size and structure of the home. They may bring in giant, industrial fans that shift the air quickly from room to room. They often use dehumidifiers in order to pull the water out of the air, which would help prevent the formation of mold.
There are subfloor-drying systems that dry the stone, insulation, and wooden panels under the floorboards. Carpet can hold on to water for weeks at a time, so it usually has to be pulled up in order to dry the area underneath. Vinyl, baseboards, and sheet rock all have their own specific methods of being restored, and the overall process may take several days.
Because of the noise and heat of the equipment used, you may need to stay in a different home for a while. The damage may go a bit further during the drying process, so you may want to remove any important things in your home and take them with you. For example, paper documents may warp further under the stress of high-velocity fans, and candles may melt from the hot air used to dry the home.
The drying process is only the beginning, and there are many other steps that follow. However, it is the initial, necessary step that you will need in order to stop any long-term damage. For more information on water restoration Charlotte NC, or if you’re in need of these services, feel free to look around on our main website.

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