The Dangerous Effects Of Water & Mold

No home is above the possibility of getting Charlotte water damage. Even homes that live in the most arid deserts or sit high away from flood plains can fall victim to water damage. Storms can cause leaks in the roof, water can seep up into a home from underground wells, and plumbing has a high risk of malfunctioning from time to time. Most people are completely unprepared when Charlotte water damage happens, because we often like to place water among one of the least harmful things on the planet. However, if you’ve ever seen a home fall apart due to a leak that started causing mold to sprout and spread through the structure, then you know just how dangerous water can be if left uncontrolled.

The problem with Charlotte water damage is that it may not even be noticed right away. In fact, we usually don’t notice anything until the symptoms start popping up – sagging walls, leaning structure, and mold. That is why we offer consultations and inspections, and why it’s so important to have a professional take a look at your home from time to time.

Most things on this planet are water-soluble, just as most life forms need some kind of water. When you have stagnant water in your home, those two facts start to form a problem. Walls and structures start decaying while bacteria and fungi start to thrive in the sitting water. Both of these problems can drive you out of house and home if you’re not lucky enough to catch it in time.

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