The Danger Of Mold & Water

Water damage is a natural problem that we will all have to face at one point or another. Whether it’s taking care of some mold that’s piling up on the windowsill or in the bathroom, or taking care of a much bigger problem after a flood, Charlotte water damage is common and can be seen just about anywhere in the world. The worst problem with Charlotte water damage is that it may not be immediately visible, and it can easily get out of control if not properly contained and treated.

Charlotte water damage can compromise your structure and well-being. It can rot the main supporting beams and cause walls to start slouching and dragging, and it may very well cause the roof and ceiling to cave in if the danger is extensive enough. The damage goes much farther than that, though. After a while of having extremely high humidity, the moisture hiding away in nooks and crannies can start to affect the actual life forms inside the walls. This can cause a sudden growth spurt for mold, bacteria, and all kinds of other problems. It can cause black mold to grow and flourish, which can immediately put your health in danger and end up causing the city to condemn the property. It can also cause some annoyances – for example, gnats are known to show up in damp, darker areas of your home after floods and natural disasters. Over time, they can spread and grow in numbers, completely taking over your home and making it very uncomfortable.

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